7 Steps for HVAC Cold Weather Prep

A yellow frost covered leaf

Ah, yes, fall and winter. It starts off well. The leaves get pretty, the bugs all die off like they should, there are hayrides and pumpkins, and the promise of Christmas spirit makes getting along with relatives seem possible. Then reality sets in and the pretty leaves shrivel and fall down for two Saturday’s worth of raking. Then comes the post-Christmas-gift-debt remorse, followed swiftly by the flu. But, hey, there’s great soup. Well, there isn’t much a person can do against those weather-induced forces, but with a few steps, getting some cold weather prep for your HVAC system can control the inside of your home, keeping your household safe and warm.

Here are some cold weather prep recommendations by your friends here at Jake’s A/C Heating & Cooling.

  1. Don’t wait for cold weather to come before you get ready.

    Reglazing windows in 70 degree weather is one thing. When it’s 35 degrees and windy and you’re wiping off the frost from the window to weakly wave at your disappointed family inside, it’s not as fun. Plus, for most of the actions required, they apply to the A/C as well.

  2. Get the house ready.

    This means checking the ductwork for leaks, blockages, and damages. Mold and mildew can be major problems, and a lack of airflow due to obstruction and leakage creates an optimal environment for mold and mildew to grow. Good circulation also mitigates the dangers of hazardous chemicals and fumes. You may find that window panes need to be glazed and windows and doors need to be re-sealed.

  3. Test the furnace.

    After doing a visual check of the major components like the burners, coils, and blower, try the system. Don’t panic if there is a burning smell. That’s just the system burning off the dust that has accumulated since last season. Call immediately if you smell gas or anything noxious. We have 24/7 availability.

  4. Replace or clean the air filter according to specs.

    This is such an underappreciated way to protect the household and the budget. Clogged filters tax the system, raising fuel costs and shortening the lifespan of the components. Dirty air filters also fail to clean mold spores and other harmful particulates out of the air.

  5. Make sure you have functional smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms

    with fresh batteries that are placed appropriately. This is the most important of all the steps in cold weather prep of a home.

  6. Optimize your system effectiveness and efficiency by programming the thermostat.

    You can save money and your HVAC system by reducing unnecessary heating. Lowering the temperature at night and while you’re away can make a huge difference. If your thermostat isn’t adequately programmable, ditch it and upgrade. It will pay for itself many, many times over.

  7. Winterize your A/C.

    Turn the power off to your outside unit and gently wash or brush the debris from the coils. Clogged coils are not good for your system or your air quality. Also, remove any debris from around the unit. It’s not recommended to cover your A/C unit. A cover can create a safe home for unwanted guests that build nests and chew wires.

These steps for cold weather prep will help you do what you can to ensure a smooth transition into fall and winter. They won’t take away all risk and guarantee your system will be problem free. Even we can’t do that. What we can offer, though, is a Membership that allows for seasonal routine maintenance. With regular visits, we can stop damage to your HVAC system that would be caused by insufficient cleaning and neglect. We can often spot and diagnose problems early, protect your investment, and keep your family safe and warm without missing a beat.

If you are interested in a Membership or would like seasonal maintenance in general, contact Jake’s A/C Heating & Cooling and give us a chance to show you why we are an award winning, quickly growing company!

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