Coastal Properties and Jake’s Heating and Cooling Service

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At Jake’s, we love our relationships with our customers! These relationships are earned by bringing comfort and peace of mind through timely, effective heating and cooling service to our clients. We also enjoy people that have come alongside us and tell others about the work we do. Any business that takes pride in its work does not take those recommendations lightly. They are earned over years and years of successful, repeated excellence. One of the companies with which we have a great partnership is Coastal Properties in Little River, South Carolina. We can’t say enough good about them, and they likewise give us their exclusive recommendation to their clients in need of service or a maintenance plan.

Coastal Properties has offerings for short term and long term rentals and for purchase. These include houses, condos, and other types of properties, some on the oceanfront. If you are so inclined, you really should check out their long list of properties! Serving the Little River, North Myrtle Beach, and Myrtle Beach areas, Coastal Properties knows what they are talking about when it comes to homes. So we take it as quite a compliment that for all of their clients, they recommend our heating and cooling service specifically (Aw, shucks).

One of the things that Coastal Properties - and hopefully any other real estate agency - will tell you is that a good maintenance plan is a great starting point for peace of mind in home ownership. Routine check-ups of your equipment can save you the big money of an HVAC emergency. General upkeep will even lower your fuel costs. And we are also available to you 24/7. We try to take the fear out of home ownership as much as we can in our purview of the HVAC systems. So, let’s set up an appointment to assess your situation and make a plan!

What we have done for Coastal Properties we plan to do for you: prove we’re the best HVAC company in the area. Our technicians are well-trained, well-equipped, and well-(we couldn’t think of a third word that starts with “well-”, so just know that we are some friendly, conscientious people that give a darn). Whether you need a good maintenance plan, an installation, or emergency heating and cooling service, please contact Jake’s Heating & Cooling.

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