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When you live in a coastal town like Sunset Beach, North Carolina, then you know how important it is to keep your air conditioning in tip-top shape. There’s nothing worse than having your HVAC unit fail on you during sweltering days, or even on cold winter nights. That’s why Jake’s Heating & Cooling is an AC repair company that offers HVAC services for those who need us in the Sunset Beach area.

When you hire Jake’s Heating & Cooling as your AC repair company, you’re hiring a team of experienced technicians who truly care about you and your comfort in your home. In fact, we’ve been providing service as an AC repair company since 1984! Our team receives training on a regular and ongoing basis, providing clients with peace of mind knowing that, well, we know what we’re doing!

In addition to air conditioning repair, we offer a variety of HVAC related services. If you’re in Sunset Beach, NC and need a new system installation, we’re the company for you. We’ll help you get a new HVAC system installed and help you increase efficiency in your home to save you money on your monthly bills.

Our team will also be delighted to help you with any HVAC maintenance you need in your home. We recommend scheduling regular maintenance calls with our technicians in order to increase the life of your system and to help it perform properly to avoid having to pay for costly repairs in the future. Learn more about HVAC maintenance in our blog!

Of course, we also do commercial HVAC service as well, so if you’re a business owner who needs a reliable HVAC maintenance company, we’d love to work with you! In addition to the Grand Strand, we service Sunset Beach, Calabash, and Ocean Isle in North Carolina.

So, if you’re in need of an AC repair company in Sunset Beach, be sure contact Jake’s Heating & Cooling. We’ll be happy to take a look at your system and determine how to fix it so you can be comfortable in your home once again.

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