HVAC Maintenance Plans - Starting at $199/Year or $17/Month

Living in the coastal Carolinas means your HVAC system must handle extreme temperatures, high humidity, and the challenges of salty sea air. Proper maintenance ensures your heating and cooling systems operate efficiently and endure these unique conditions. Trust us to keep your equipment in top shape year-round.

Regular system maintenance isn’t just important—it’s essential for saving money, enhancing comfort, and reducing stress. As a Jake’s AC Maintenance Plan member, you’ll enjoy significant benefits, including:

  • Bi-Annual Service:
    Comprehensive inspections and maintenance for your HVAC systems each Spring and Fall.
  • Effortless Scheduling:
    We handle contacting you and scheduling your bi-annual service, so your HVAC systems are always optimized.
  • Exclusive Discounts:
    Enjoy a 15% discount on HVAC service calls and repairs.
  • Quick Repairs:
    With plenty of parts stocked, our technicians are prepared to respond to your needs promptly.

Protect your HVAC investment and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reliable, weather-resistant maintenance. Become a member today!

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