What Happens Before, During, and After an HVAC Replacement

Someone cutting two wires with wire cutters.

Ugh. Having technicians in your home all day, or more, can be rather tedious. And in the case of HVAC replacement, there’s prep work to do, and then all of your questions come up and - oh what if there’s a problem? Jake’s Heating and Cooling has been doing HVAC replacement for many years and we know just what to do to make this process as painless as possible.

Before Replacement Day

Before the swapping out of the old system for the new, there are several actions to take that will pay off for all of us:

  • Have a professional come to your home and do an evaluation/consultation. Jake’s technicians will assess the variables - such as entry ways, access, infrastructure, integrity of the materials - take measurements, likely run a couple tests, and listen to your needs and wants before making a recommendation and planning for installation day.

  • Prepare to not have water or electricity for a few hours. We will move quickly, but we do have to shut off the electricity for a bit. If you’re concerned about that, consider storing up some water, checking the batteries in flashlights, and not buying food that can’t get warm for short stints such as ice cream.

  • Make arrangements for pets to stay elsewhere if they harass strangers or try to escape when the doors are open. We’re going in and out many times, so anxious, protective, wayward, or even curious pets can complicate the job.

  • Clear objects that block the path to the old HVAC system. We’ll need access to closets, crawl spaces, attics, and other areas.

  • Place delicate, precious, or private items away from access points and anything we may need to move. You might also consider covering items that are particularly sensitive or vulnerable. While we plan to cover everything we think needs to be covered, you still might want to cover certain pieces just to be sure.

On Replacement Day

The day of HVAC replacement seems hectic and mysterious. “Why is he spending so much time in the attic?” But let’s look at what happens and why:

  • Furniture will be moved to give us access if we don’t have it already.

  • Plastic will be laid out to protect furniture, flooring and anything else that shouldn’t get dusty. We plan to keep dust at a minimum, but it’s better to prepare than repair.

  • Tools will be brought in at this point as well.

  • It may take a full day just to switch out components, such as the pump, refrigerant lines, drain lines, condensing unit or compressor, evaporator or air handler, any ductwork necessary, and thermostat. We may need to come back on a second day.

  • We will definitely need a second day if there are significant complications, such as unforeseen ductwork damage, drywall damage, and rot, to name a few.

  • The system is tested thoroughly and (at least at Jake’s Heating and Cooling) professionals will tell you that they will stand by their work and be available for questions and service. (We have service 24/7 ).

  • We will also educate you on how to maintain and operate the system.

Our HVAC replacement service is more than a quote, a swap, and a bill. We will walk you through the process from your first call until...whenever you need us. We’re not going anywhere, so you can know that we will be available long after the job seems finished. We survive and thrive on the happiness of our customers and we are up to the challenge. So contact us if you are thinking about HVAC replacement and we start our journey together!

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