HVAC Repair

When your HVAC system isn’t properly heating or cooling your home, our certified technicians will diagnose and repair your air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace quickly and affordably. Our technicians have all the parts on hand and ensure quality HVAC repairs. Schedule a service appointment with an HVAC repair expert now.

Before Calling for an HVAC Repair

  • Check Thermostat
    Be sure your thermostat is on and set to your desired temperature
  • Reset Circuit Breaker
    Reset your circuit breaker
  • Check Filters
    Check for dirty air filters. Clean and replace if necessary
  • Inspect Unit
    Inspect your outdoor unit for covering debris or ice
    For the restoration of your comfort, look no further. We offer round-the-clock HVAC repair services throughout NYC and its surrounding areas. Our team of highly qualified and trusted professionals excels in delivering exceptional HVAC restoration. Not only do we prioritize swift responsiveness, but our commitment to guaranteed service ensures a seamless and professional experience right at your doorstep.

HVAC Service Pricing

HVAC Service Call


We’re here to service your HVAC unit when things go wrong.

We will perform a thorough inspection of your system, identify, and diagnose what your issue is, provide you with your repair options.

Never-Wait Repair: We have plenty of parts in stock and ready to go as soon as you need it

Vigorous training process backed by our Risk-Free Reassurance

Safety Solution: Required background check and drug testing of all employees.

Financing options available with approved credit, ask for details.

Why Choose Jake's Heating and Cooling

39-Years of Experience

Jake's AC has established long-term partnerships with manufacturers, allowing us to offer fair pricing to our customers. This history also ensures that we have the knowledge and skills to provide reliable HVAC solutions.

Efficient Service

We pride ourselves on having everything in stock and ready to go as soon as you need it. With our live text updates from your dedicated service technician, you can feel reassured and informed every step of the way.

Emergency HVAC Service Calls

If you have an emergency HVAC need, simply call our 24 hour emergency service line at 843-399-6786

Contact Us for Your HVAC Service Needs

If you have an emergency situation, please call (843) 399-6786 and a technician will get back to you.

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